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I have really enjoyed this project. I have never done animation before and never really considered it, but after researching and producing my own, i have realised there are so many possibilities and different processes to explore. When i was shown animations such as, ‘Dot’ and ‘Back to The Start’,  i felt really inspired to do my own. And after hearing my music i immediately had loads of thoughts and ideas. 

My final outcome was in response to the music ‘Free Jazz’, from this I got to the words, chased, trapped, overwhelmed, and anxiety. I feel my narrative reflects this. 

The story, is about a goldfish in a boring fish tank that dreams about how life would be at sea. Only to realise that maybe it is safer in his little tank, after his dream turns into a nightmare. How ever at the end of the animation the dream comes outside the tank and breaks the ‘flow’. I am happy with the animation in terms of narrative and responding to my music. How ever, creating the animation and the technical side of things was much more challenging. I decided to use stop motion and a chalk board. I have come to realise just how time consuming stop motion is. Especially when you are using drawings  ! It took me 312 drawings to complete this one. Each drawing took anything from a minute to 15. And even though this is a lot of time i understand that there are many things i have missed and could improve on. My main criticism, is the quality. This is through my own doing. Before i began my animation on istopmotion i didn’t select the correct setting. By the time i realised this, there was nothing that would significantly improve the quality that i could do. There also a few other glitches through out the animation, they are only small and i don’t want to point them out, as they probably aren’t noticeable until  watched as many times as i have. One of the big glitches that annoys me so much, is the tank moving in some parts of the animation from where i have had to redraw it. But at this point i just don’t have enough time to correct it. The last major thing i would change is the fish tank it self, it’s not really a fish tank. Originally i considered this animation to be a practice, as I got further in to making it, i realised i wanted it to be my final. 

This project has probably been my favourite so far, I know i have spent so much time on  producing this animation, in return it has given me huge satisfaction watching the finished piece. I have developed so many new skills and have really gone outside my comfort zone. I wish i had more time to develop my ideas even further. Having said this,  i think this would be a great subject to consider specialising in. This has lead me to an outcome i haven’t really come close to before. I think it’s something i will continue to explore in my own time. 

My final animation- ‘A Fish Nightmare’

I have finally finished the animation after drawing 312 frames! 

This is my animation so far. these are the frames i am using for my final animation. i have put them together how i will do for my final, obviously there are a few glitches, etc. Below are a few things i think need to be sorted and my criticisms 

  • The quality is bad, at this stage I am not going to try and change that!
  • a little annoyed about the surrounding area of the fish tank, do people know it’s a fish tank, would having scenery be a distraction
  • The ending is not right at all. There is a huge build up to nothing. i want to add a fe more seconds in. My ideas are; a big fish eating the fish, shark, the fish bites on to the hook…
  • I want to end the animation on the fish tank but take the fish away. Audience left wandering if the fish was in a dream, adds more fantasy. 
  • thinking about cropping the frames down, may be too time consuming at this point
  • i want the music  to continue right to the end. 
  • opening titles. ‘A Fish Nightmare’ - by Imogen Wood

These points are what i wish to achieve in the run up to the deadline. 

This i my storyboard, the original story board is in black and the changes i have made are in red. i just wanted to upload these photos to demonstrate how my ideas changed and new scenes and frames were added throughout making the animation. Some of my original ideas seemed to waste seconds and went to slow for the music. I wanted lots to be happening. In return i needed A LOT of time and frames to draw out every single movement. 

These are some sketches i made whilst producing my animation. Through out the process my ideas were constantly changing, after various trails and errors. This was really just a way for me to get ideas down visually before beginning to animate. 

Just wanted to include this, the sounds of a fish tank. I want to use this track behind the video, to set the scene at the beginning of the animation. 

This is an animation i found about evolution. Whilst i was producing my final animation i needed to look for inspiration in the way things moved and how fast, etc. This was a great help. I looked at several others as well, i thought this was the best example. 

This is another practice i have done with a fish i prefer. This one looks a lot better than the other animation. 

These are some fish ideas and scene ideas. I actually found it hard to draw a nice fish. Getting the body shape was difficult! 

This was a rough version of one of my scenes. I used the software istopmotion and my built in isight camera. Originally i was going to use a camera on a tripod and pair it with my computer, but it was not compatible or the software wasn’t working. 

I wanted to use this as a chance to test frames per second, the software and get an idea how i needed to organise my time. This clip took me roughly 1 hour 30 mins. So it wasn’t to bad. I want to change the fish and i think i need to have some kind of pattern with the colours i use. I don’t know if i should even use colour at this point. I hate the fish ! that needs to be changed!